The Best Garden Bedding Plants

image by Andrew Curtis
image by Andrew Curtis

Bedding plants are a crucial part of any garden, and picking out the right types for your summer theme can be crucial. Getting the right mix and balance with your flowers and larger plants can make or break it for you. Colours and textures are all crucial, so we decided to offer up some advice and inspiration on some of the best summer bedding plants.

Why not get started with a popular classic, the geranium. These are common place in so many gardens, and that is no coincidence, There sturdy nature means they love hot conditions, and will keep flowering for you all the way through till the frost starts to creep in. Usually you will find them in pinks and purples, but the reds and whites can also be fantastic. You can find them to climb up trellis, or trailing and upright varieties. A superb choice.

Next we will talk about the benefits of having a selection fo sweet peas in your garden, a fantastic choice of bedding plant for any cottage type garden. The colour is very wide ranging, and the sent is simply fantastic. Well capable of climbing high enough to tangle around trellis, and other structures, why not try the dwarf variety fr a little bit of cover lower down.

Maybe you want a good variety of bees in the garden, and if that’s the case then cosmos may well be what you are after. The big wide flowers are a superb shade of pink, and the foliage on show really does mix up the texture of any garden. A really eye catching idea, and one we are very fond of dotting throughout our summer gardens.

Hopefully this has given you just a brief glimpse into the many differing bedding plants on offer, that can be used to breathe life and new invention into your summer time garden. Keep looking for further articles on summer gardens, and how to bring all our suggestions together into some fantastic arrangements.

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