How to Vacuum Seal Flowers

There are many reasons to keep flowers, whether dried or fresh, they brighten up the house, smell good and can be used in a variety of craft products or just enjoyed dried.

Many people have started to keep flower arrangements long term also, and being able to vacuum seal them and keep them in an environment where the air won’t get to them, they will last for much longer. These devices, vacuum sealers (as reviewed on are a very interesting concept and have been used in many homes to save money and save food longer term whether in the fridge, freezer or just in the pantry.

Vacuum sealing is great for long term use, and amazing for making pot pourri! This is where old flowers can get cut up to make arrangements usually put in a bowl to smell good around the home.

The best way to do this is either to extract the flower petals on their own, or to put the flowers hole into a bag, whichever is specified by your manufacturer of sealer (they all have their own specific bags) and follow the instructions to seal. Some vacuum sealers are easier than others, and some are designed to have a setting for the pressure it is putting on so it can be ‘gentler’ if you need it to and avoid crushing your flowers.

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