Capturing Video from a HD (or not) Video Source: The Guide

video-1364122_640Picture the scene, you’ve dug out some old dusty videos which were recorded to vhs tape and you want to send them to your children the other side of the country or other distant relatives, it isn’t easy to duplicate vhs in this day and age!

Perhaps you want to capture video from another source such as an old (or new) games console? The answer is likely going to be a good quality capture card.

Devices can be bought which are designed to capture from video output and to do either one of the following:

  • Store the footage on internal storage or something like an SD card.
  • Convert the video ready to go straight into another input such as a computer ready to capture the footage.

The benefits of this are really plain to see, it makes it so much easier to duplicate, you can store the videos in question on a hard drive and you can save them for a later date, being able to back them up in lots of different places means that you don’t have to worry about one precious tape perishing.

It also opens up a world of opportunities when it comes to editing too, most computers these days have some sort of editing program ready to use and if not there are freeware options, so a capture card can bring footage in which you can then add titles to, make a compilation of best bits or old beloved pets or more. There’s so much more you can do once you have converted it to a digital file which will usually be a .mov, .mp4 or .avi file which you can then go ahead and edit.

The devices are known as being great for youtubers and are particularly good for gamers, some of them can capture from both HD and older inputs and you can even grab footage from an old N64 with the right connections!

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