Playing Golf in Kauai

golfingIt may not be a huge island, and there aren’t exactly endless courses to choose from, but Kauai makes up for an absence of golf alternatives with offering the very best quality as discussed in this article.

Hawaii’s most seasoned and northernmost island gives us only nine pro golf places, a little amount considering how huge the island is and the beautiful spots it offers. Luckily to golfers, some of them rank among the best in the greater part of any Hawaiian islands. The island is known for its beauty and pretty much anywhere you find beauty around the world you find golf courses as vacationers go out to play.

These courses have a wide range of terrains and both difficult options and some slightly simpler holes for beginners and the bigger handicaps in the world of golf. The challenging courses can be tough so don’t forget to bring your best golf rangefinder to help navigate your way around.

The dreams of wildernesses and oceanfront views on Kauai stay with golfers long after the memories of their scorecards (sometimes we’re not so proud of these anyway). The courses are photograph opportunities as much as they are fun places to spend an afternoon in the tropical setting of Kauai

This 27-gap Jack Nicklaus course has advanced throughout the years into a sensational 18 hole circle and an additional nine if you need to carry on with play. Nicklaus brought us the restored Kiele Moana nine in 2011, making the longest constant stretch of seafront golf action in the whole of Hawaii.

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