Best Spring Flowers

daffsIf you are wondering what flowers you could need to be getting in your garden this spring, then look no further. We all love spring as the weather starts getting slightly warmer, and we can think about sparking life back into the garden once more. Maybe you want a new flower bed, or just a couple of extra plants to replace withering ones, or a total change in theme and colour. We hope the ideas we give you here will help with it, no matter what task you are undertaking in your garden.

The best place to start is with a pansy, the classic early season bloomer. It is great to bring some colour bag to depleted beds, or tired window boxes that will reinstall a freshness to your flowers. The difference in colour gives great variety, and you local garden centre should have lots to pick from.

Next we will talk about is bloodroot. Bloodroot will make its presence felt around early spring and offers up gorgeous crisp white flowers. A herbaceous perennial that needs a little shade, is perfect for any garden that is shaded, or has a woodland theme to it.

Where would we be without the all time great, and amazingly popular snowdrops. They are such big business now that garden centres dedicate whole days to unleashing a barrage of different kinds upon their customers, and they flock to them. A lovely subtle fragrance, the sign of snowdrops is a great way to start off a healthy spring and summer of life in your garden.

Finally we conclude with another classic, the daffodil. This bright and uplifting spring classic can be purchased in a range of sizes, shapes and colours. These will need a good blast of full sunlight, and do not cope well in the shade. They can be trimmed back and left to re emerge the following spring, so make sure you handle them properly to ensure a healthy crop year after year.

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